Here you can find any extra information on the Henge Docks system. Including Frequently Asked Questions, Recommended Accessories and Contact Information. This page also includes Downloads for the most up to date User Guides, Press Releases and Press Image Galleries.



Updated Henge Docks User Guide v3.2 Available!

Henge Docks recommends that all current and new users download the newest version of the User Guide (Click Here). The new manuals will not find their way into Henge Docks packaging until our next inventory cycle, but in the mean time we've made it available for download through our site (PDF Download Link).

Version 3.2 of the Henge Docks User Guide details a new setup method. An additional update directed to 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro users states that at least one USB Cable and one Audio In/Out Cable should be installed into the dock during setup. For these larger chassis styles this greatly decreases the likelihood of misaligning the computer during docking.

An Important Note About MacBook Internal Port Alignment!

MacBook Port AlignmentApple's line of MacBook computers are designed with ports positioned behind voids in the outer case of the computer for durability and aesthetic purposes. The ports are mounted inside of the case and can become misaligned to their corresponding voids through damage during use or manufacturing variances. While rare, major internal misalignment of the MacBook's ports can cause the connections to bind when used with a Henge Dock, leading to further alignment issues or damage. Henge Docks recommends that users repair and resolve any internal port alignment issues before using a Henge Dock.

How long will my order take to ship?

We are getting all orders out the door within 48 hours of processing (not including weekends). At the time your order is filled you will receive an email with a tracking number for your shipment. UPS tracking numbers start feeding information very quickly, while the USPS tracking numbers can take a while to update, as long as 48 hours.

Are Henge Docks compatible with the new Thunderbolt equipped MacBook Pros?

Yes, the Henge Dock was designed to be compatible with all current MacBook/Pro models, including the new generation MacBooks released recently with the new Thunderbolt port. Thunderbolt is also reverse compatible with all Mini DisplayPort accessories, so you can use our line of adapters with your new MacBook. Additionally, Apple's Thunderbolt Cables fit perfectly in the Henge Docks system should a user want to take advantage of the new high speed data standard.

Are the MacBook Air Docks Thunderbolt compatible?

Please note that the MacBook Air Henge Dock supports Mini DisplayPort. The MacBook Air Henge Dock is compatible with the current model MacBook Air with Thunderbolt, it is not compatible with Thunderbolt devices (such as the Apple Thunderbolt Display).

Which type of MagSafe Plugs are compatible with the dock?

Compatible MagSafe MacBook Docking Station ConnectorAll MagSafe connector styles that Apple currently offers are now compatible with our docking system. There are three different styles of MagSafe Connector available and Henge Docks includes three types of MagSafe Adapter Tools, or Chicklets as we call them, with every new docking system sold through our website.

I have a first generation Henge Dock, can I buy the Chicklets Adapters?

Unfortunately the MagSafe Adapter Tools (Chicklets) are only compatible with the current generation docking stations. We had to do a considerable amount of reworking on the design of the docks to accommodate the cylindrical MagSafe Adapters in our new systems.

Is the ethernet cable supposed to be so tight?

A tight fit for the ethernet connection in the dock is normal. We designed each port and its corresponding cable very carefully to ensure precise alignment. During testing of the ethernet cable it was determined that a very tight fit was needed to maintain that accuracy. Users may need to use a tool to force it into the port, it's a pain, but you only have to do it once. Or never if you're using Wi-Fi!

What else do I need to hook my Henge Dock up to my home theater system?

DesktopThere are many different configurations possible for today's home theater system, but typically you will need a Henge Docks Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, a standard HDMI Cable, and a 3.5mm Audio to Stereo RCA connector (if your computer is not equipped to send audio from the Mini DisplayPort connector). If you do not have an external keyboard and mouse you can use a Generic Wireless Setup or buy an Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

What else do I need to hook my Henge Dock up to my desktop system?

If you are using a current generation 24-Inch Apple LED Cinema Display the Mini DisplayPort from the Apple Cinema Display is compatible with the Henge Docks Unit. The MagSafe connector is also compatible. If you are using another type of monitor, typically you will need a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter and a DVI Cable if your monitor did not come with one.

DesktopIf you do not have an external keyboard and mouse you have two options, wired or wireless. For wired setups, you can use an inexpensive Generic Corded Setup or buy an Apple Wired MightyMouse and Apple Corded Keyboard. For Wireless (Bluetooth), you also have the option of going for an inexpensive Generic Wireless Setup or buy an Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Do I need to change anything on my Mac to make it work with the dock?

No, you do not need to change any settings on your computer, every current MacBook model will work with the Henge Docks system straight from the factory.

What is included with a Henge Docks unit?Box

Henge Docks include a full complement of USB, Audio, Ethernet and, in some models, FireWire cables. Also included are an instruction manual, a Hex Key to aid setup of the dock and a new found sense of purpose for your MacBook.

Can I load and eject CDs/DVDs from the computer while it is docked?

Yes, you can load and eject CDs/DVDs in the vertical position, we tested this feature extensively while the MacBook is docked. It is a very toaster-like experience, except without the warm bread.

Are there any problems with running my computer vertically in the dock?

Vertical DockNo, in fact we've noticed some positive side-effects to running the computer closed, vertically. The computer will run cooler and faster since it only has to drive one external display, as opposed to running it open with an internal and external display. We spent over a year testing the docking system in every conceivable circumstance and observed no performance decrease even under hour long CPU load tests. We've heard some claims that the CPU runs cooler in the vertical position, but we have yet to document any appreciable difference. The case, however does tend to stay noticeably cooler since more surface area is exposed to the air.

My MacBook wakes up and goes back to sleep right away while it is docked, what's up?

The MacBook needs to be connected to a power supply while it is docked to wake from sleep. Try installing a MagSafe power adapter in the dock or repositioning the connector. It may sound obvious, but make sure the outlet is not hooked up to a light switch that is off (we've done that before and we're probably never going to hear the end of it).

Can I power the computer on if it is docked and powered off?

The computer must be on or asleep before docking since the power button is not accessible while docked. If the computer is shut down while docked remove it from the dock, power it on, and redock the computer. The MacBook can perform a full restart cycle and sleep wake cycle while it is docked.

How stable is the dock?

A MacBook docked in a Henge Dock is extremely secure. The dock is designed so that it cannot be eased over on a smooth surface, instead the unit will simply slide sideways, back to vertical when it begins to lean. In over a year of testing, including during parties, we've never come close to knocking a docked computer over and we've got some really dumb friends.

Which MacBook models will the Vertical Docking station work with?

PortsPortsThe Henge Docks system is compatible with all current MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and MacBook units, including the previous generation black and white plastic MacBooks. MacBook Pros with Retina Display are not currently supported by Henge Docks. A full list of supported models can be found on our Orders Page.

Will using the dock void my Apple warranty?

No, absolutely no changes need to be made to the computer for use in a Henge Dock. Additionally, Apple has not indicated that any warranty issues arise from use in a docking station and has sold stands designed to hold their computers in a vertical orientation for years.

What cables can I use?

Henge Docks include a full compliment of USB, Audio, Ethernet and, in some models, FireWire cables. Henge Docks supplies these cables to ensure a consistent fit in our docking stations since USB, Audio, Ethernet and FireWire cable heads come in many shapes and sizes.

The USB and Audio cables are three feet long and feature a female end so the user can connect their existing cables without compatibility issues. The FireWire 400 cables included with the Plastic MacBook, Version A models are three feet long and feature a male to female connector. The FireWire 800 cables included with all "Pro" model docking stations are also three feet long and feature two male ends.

The user supplies the MagSafe Power Adapter and Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter. If you choose to use an aftermarket adapter, we recommend combining it with a Henge Docks Mini DisplayPort extension cable (Female) to ensure compatibility with our docking station.

Why purchase a Henge Docks MiniDisplay Port Adapter?

Henge Docks designed MiniDisplay Port adapters to have a longer cable, which allows the display to extend well beyond the Henge Dock. This makes the set up process easier and the MiniDisplay Port adapter more accessible. The Apple Mini DisplayPort adapter works perfectly with Henge Docks, but the shorter cable can make the cable arrangement cumbersome if all the ports are used.

What about Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapters?

It is best to use a Henge Docks Mini DisplayPort extension cable (female) with any brand of VGA adapter. DUe to variances in manufacturing specific to the VGA adapters even some Apple-made Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapters will not fit in the port voids on the dock.

What is the difference between HDMI and DVI? How do I know which one I need?

DVI and HDMI are exactly the same as one another, image-quality-wise. The principal differences are that HDMI is capable of carrying audio (in equipped Macs) as well as video, and uses a different type of connector, but both use the same encoding scheme, and that's why a DVI source can be connected to an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, with a DVI/HDMI cable, with no intervening converter box.

Can I leave the laptop open while it is docked?

No, the system requires the computer to be closed while it is docked.

Does Henge Docks have a reseller or external distributor program?Henge Docks Package

Yup! Interested parties should contact Henge Docks via email Henge Docks at or fill out the contact form.

I want to buy Henge Docks for my business, do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes, we offer special rates for bulk orders, for more information email Henge Docks at or fill out the contact form.

When is a PC version coming out?

We have no plans to offer a PC version at the moment, but we can be convinced to do just about anything. Especially if it involves drinking hot sauce.

My MacBook has a case or cover on it, will it still work with the dock?

Thin, stick-on "skins" will usually fit, however cases interfere with the docking setup since Henge Docks rely on a very precise fit to make all of the connections reliably.

Does Henge Docks ship internationally?

Yes, we offer shipping worldwide!

Will I be charged Duties and Customs Fees for International Shipping?

Possibly, depending on your country. All of Henge Docks' direct to consumer shipments originate from the United States. Your country may levy customs fees, duties or other taxes on your shipment. Many customers do not typically receive international packages and are surprised to see these charges.

UPS will typically pay the customs fees and duties levied by your country on your behalf and then bill you accordingly. Failure to pay the customs fee will result in the impounding and destruction of your order. UPS does not return the packages to Henge Docks and we cannot issue you a refund if your shipment is refused.

Henge Docks has no control over how countries choose to levy customs fees, duties or other taxes on incoming goods. We cannot predict what the customs fees will be as we ship to over 50 countries worldwide and each country has its own set of individual policies. If you are not familiar with your countries importing policies and taxation practices please check before ordering.

How do I get the Apple Mini Display Port to DVI Adapter to fit under the dock with the Audio cable installed?

Adapter RoutingOn certain models the Apple Mini Display Port to DVI Adapter can interfere with the Audio cable. Instead of routing the adapter under the dock, as shown in some older versions of the User Guide, simply route the Mini Display Port to DVI Adapter out the rear of dock as shown. There is enough clearance under the rear of the unit for all of the cables and the adapter. This option is reflected in the updated user manual available for download at the top of this page.

Why should I sign up for preorder?

Why sign up for preorder? It's free and there is no commitment to buy. You will be automatically notified when we launch the dock you're interested in and receive priority ordering of that model. Signing up also helps us estimate the demand for specific models so we can release the most popular docks earlier.

How can I tell which Henge Dock is right for my MacBook?

The best way to tell for sure which dock is right for your computer is to compare the port layout of your MacBook to those in the illustrations on the orders page (link) of our website. Each port layout is unique, so this is truly the best method of identification.

What is your return policy?

We are happy to accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase date.

How do I wake my computer up when it is in the Henge Dock?

When you close the screen the computer will go to sleep. In order to wake it up, just hit a few keys on your keyboard or mouse and wait. It can take as long as a minute for the computer to wake back up in the closed position (especially with a wireless keyboard), which can feel like longer when you are waiting. If that doesn't work, make sure that the MagSafe power supply is securely connected – the computer must be receiving power in order to operate in the closed position.

Can I use any brand of cables/adapters with the Henge Dock?

Henge Docks are compatible with many genuine Apple products, as well as our own line of custom adapters. However, any compatible cables can be plugged into the extension connections included with each Henge Docks units. Any Mini DisplayPort adapter can be plugged into our optional Mini DisplayPort Extension cable (Female).

Can I connect my computer to multiple external monitors using the Henge Dock?

Some customers have informed us that multi-monitor combinations are possible through USB adapters, such as the HP USB Graphics Adapter (link), however we have not tested these 3rd party solutions so we cannot comment on the effectiveness or reliability of setups.

I have a first generation dock – where can I find the older, rectangular MagSafe adapters?

The rectangular MagSafe adapters can be found on (click for example).

Does the Henge Dock support a Kensington Lock?

At this time the dock will not accommodate a Kensington Lock. However, all MacBook Pro models can be secured independently using any Kensington Style Lock.

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